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2021 AERGC VIRTUAL Annual Meeting

August 17 - 18, 2021, 12-4pm EDT

Greenhouses of the Future - Research, Teaching, and Tools of the Trade

In March, it was decided that we were unable to host an in person meeting for 2021.  Shortly after, a small sub-committee consisting of Tammy Brenner, Tom Bryan, Amanda Debevc, Paul Engevold, Mike Mucci, Alex Turkewitsch and Pam Warnke, was formed to plan a virtual version of the AERGC annual meeting.

We are looking forward to the upcoming annual meeting and have confirmed the following speakers:

Dr. Chris Meyer (University of Guelph)
Dr. Carole Saravitz (NC State)
Dr. Jeremie Fant (Chicago Botanic Garden)
Alex Turkewitsch (Greenhouse Engineering)
Suzanne Wainwright-Evans (Buglady Consulting)
Rob Eddy (CEA Consulting)
Dr. Praveen Saxena (University of Guelph)
Dr. Bethany Wolters (UTM)

2021 Virtual Meeting schedule

We'll also have several sponsor spots available over the two day meeting.  If you would like to give a sponsor spot talk, please contact Michael Mucci, AERGC Chair.

Even though we can't be together for the conference in the usual way, we hope that you will join us for two informative afternoons and connect with friends and colleagues in the usual AERGC tradition!

The meeting will be hosted on the Zoom platform.

Day 1, August 17th attendees, join here:

Day 2, August 18th attendees, join here:


Thank you to our 2021 Annual Meeting Sponsors!

Argus Controls



Capital Greenhouse

Consolidated Greenhouse Solutions



Greenhouse Design Engineering Group

Greenhouse Engineering

IPM Laboratories Inc

Lock Drives Inc

Ludvig Svensson

Biora by MineARC

P.L. Light Systems


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2021 Annual Meeting Videos (visible to members only):

Recorded August 17th and 18th 2021 from 12pm-4pm EST

Day 1:


Dr. Carole Saravitz, NC State 

Solar Powered Integrated Greenhouse (SPRING) System Using Wavelength Selective Photovoltaics for Complete Solar Utilization


Dr. Chris Meyer, University of Guelph 

The Power of Pi: Using Raspberry Pis to Photograph Actively Growing Plants


Alex Turkewitsch, Greenhouse Engineering 

Next Generation Education and Research Greenhouses 


Alex Fermon, Dann Adair, Eric Schmidt, Andrew Johnson, Kale Ilchena, Yazan Hammad, Calvin Birdsall, Argus/Conviron 

Greenhouses of the Future

Day 2:


Suzanne Wainwright-Evans, Buglady Consulting

Buying Biocontrols


Dr. Praveen Saxena, University of Guelph 

In vitro culture: technology for plant conservation and commercialization


Dr. Jeremie Fant, Chicago Botanic Garden

Using Ex-situ Collections to Save Species from the Edge: Using genetics to save the critically endangered species; examples from Hawaii and Indonesia


Rob Eddy, CEA Consultancy

Advances in Greenhouse Technology


Dr. Bethany Wolters, University of Tennessee at Martin

At Home Hydroponic Project in Online Greenhouse Management Course