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The AERGC, with generous corporate sponsorship, is proud to offer the Annual Meeting Travel Grant once again. This program enables selected members requiring financial assistance funding to attend the annual meeting.

Grants of up to $1500 will be awarded to selected qualified recipients.
It is our hope that AERGC Travel Grants will be matched by additional funding from the member's institution.

The AERGC Annual Meeting offers a deep well of experience and information freely shared among greenhouse colleagues working in the education and research fields. It is hoped that these grants will offer the opportunity for members who have not previously been able to attend the annual meeting, or those who have been unable to attend for several years, to do so.
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Both new and long-standing AERGC members are eligible to apply provided dues are current as of the date of the grant application.

Recipients will be required to give a short presentation on a topic of their choice, which would be of interest to the meeting attendees, at the annual meeting. This presentation may be, but need not be, on the same topic as the newsletter article.

Recipients will also be required to submit an article for the AERGC Newsletter within a month after the 2024 meeting date. This article can be on any topic of interest to our members and may be a brief description of the applicant's facility, a useful shortcut or technique, a pest control strategy, or a bibliography.

These are only suggestions, so please use your imagination. 

The AERGC website also has a page on “Travel Grant History” and this clearly shows the increasing utility of the Travel Grant Program to the members of the organization.

If you are interested in applying, log on to the AERGC website, click on the "Annual Meeting Travel Grant" tab and fill out the form. Travel grant applications close on May 31, 2024.
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